Thursday, 12 June 2014

Plans Approved & Authority to Commence Build

After a painful two weeks, our lovely plans finally have CDC. We lost another week with changes we had to make to the plans which ended up making the WIR and main bedroom bigger. Here are the updated plans.

The next step was to get the Commence Building Authority from the bank which I thought might have been another painful process, but it had already been issued back on the 3/6 and happened to arrive via snail mail today. Scanned that and send it back to the builder. All they need to do is initiate trades so it will be very interesting how quickly it all happens (or doesn't happen) but Meridian have been nothing but fantastic so far.

Watch this space....

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Land Settled

The land settled! Thankfully we avoided any penalties with the developer being a day late to settle.

The plans are being stamped by the Mine Subsidence Board which has added another few days but we are still expecting plans to be approved next week. 

We also had to alter the plans today. Our certifier has raised and issue need resolution on the secondary facade, to be compliant we need a 600mm step along this elevation, this is a new rule which for CDC which came out a couple of months ago. We ended up fixing this issue by adding space to the ensuite and master bed, but this time with an added cost of $1945. The only other option was to reduce the space in the living areas as the house isn't big enough.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Delay on Land Settlement

Unfortunately we are STILL waiting for land settlement - all issues with the bank.

The first delay was that the settlements department were looking for the lot in WA not NSW (idiots). The second delay was that the bank hadn't applied for the FHOG that they needed to release funds for the land settlement so we only applied for that on Tuesday. The third delay is now that it has to be re-certified by settlements before our conveyancer can book settlement. We NEED to settle on Tuesday otherwise we could incur penalties and the bank is nonchalant about the delays (which they have caused).

 In more positive news, we have our 147 certificate and it was the last piece of the puzzle needed to get approved by the certifer so I'm expecting our plans should be approved next week. It has been 2 weeks since the builder said he wanted to be onsite in 3-4 and with the exception of the land settlement we are all on track so its getting close!

The master bed ended up being extended without cost as it needed to meet with a compliance requirement. We ended up changing the secondary frontage windows to 2 vertical windows to match the front of the house as we needed to met the requirements of the corner block rebate. We also upgraded to a metallic ultra clear glass splashback which was a bit of a hit to the bank account but I think it will be well worth it.

Our updated plans:

Friday, 9 May 2014

Land Registration & Colours

I can't believe I forgot to update here.

Our little block of land finally registered on Tuesday 6/5/2014 which is super exciting. Still waiting on a date for settlement but hoping for next week :)

We had our colour selections appointment yesterday afternoon. All going well the builder anticipates to be on site in 3-4 weeks and the build to take 3-4 months so very exciting times ahead.

Here are our colour selections:

Boral Horizon: Emerald

Roof Tiles
Boral Contour Gunmetal 

 Guttering & Fascia
Colourbond Woodland Grey

Windows Trims
Clean White

Garage Door
Colourbond Shale Grey


Front Door
Oiled/Stained - dark yet to be confirmed on colour


Dulux Silkwort 1/4 strength

Skirtings, Doors etc
Dulux White on White in a semi gloss

Floors (including bedrooms)
- its a really bad photo but you get the idea.

Kitchen Benchtop
Quantum Quartz Turino
Zoom in (real dimensions: 709 x 532)Image

Kitchen Cupboards - Poly
Dulux White on White in high gloss

Bathroom Tiles
Feature tile is the bottom right. Floor tile charcoal. Light grey gloss is wall tile.
Zoom in (real dimensions: 532 x 532)Image

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Draft Working Drawings

Two days earlier than expected our builder sent us through the draft working drawings through on Tuesday. Overall I am pretty happy with them - there is things missing/wrong but all in all minor things. The list is up to about 25 things but most of them are queries or small changes like

There is 2 issues that need to be sorted

1. The side second frontage fence is installed by the developed which we have known. Its a timber 1.8m fence that the real estate told us would come up to basically in line with the ensuite/garage. The contract actually states that it can only cover 50% of the second frontage unless its dropped to 1.2m in height. Our conveyancer is putting a request into the developer to see if we can get it extended to 2/3 or 3/4 of the house. The bold line is the proposed fence just so you know what I'm talking about.

Conveyancer has put a request into Walker to get the fence line extended to the 3/4 or 2/3 mark up the side of the house.

2. The ensuite/WIR/BIR of the main bedroom.
This was the original design:

We changed it to maximise the BIR space but caused an issue with the door of the bedroom and ensuite. This is what we changed it to:

But are having issue with the doors and I don't really think we are gaining all that much except a big ensuite? Thoughts ideas? Which do you prefer/which one is the most practical?

Saturday, 5 April 2014

April 30 Registration

We had a call from our conveyancer this week advising of a April 30 registration due to some delays with Wollondilly Council (no surprise there) but the estate is open and our builder is organising the soil testing and contours so hopefully that keeps the ball rolling and we can be organied for when it does settle around to 21st of May.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Stage 1 Registered

We are another small step closer as stage 1 registered this week. 2 weeks behind schedule due to paperwork issues but is registered in the right month in the end.

This means that Stage 2 (which is us) is next! They are predicting registration to be the 18 April however that is Good Friday. I don't like our chances of registering early or on a Public Holiday so I would say sometime in the following week would be more realistic and looking at a May settlement - just in time for my 21st birthday :)

Builder is saying they will get access next month to do soil testing so that they can get final construction drawings finalised and we can pick colours! YAY. I'm so looking forward to this part of the process.

Hopefully this time next month we should be registered and waiting for settlement :)

We also now have grass on the verge - a neighbour just sent us this photo!

A few other photos of the playground - looks fantastic!